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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

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Selling a better sound

We are the distributor for UK audio HiFi streaming brand LODE Audio, their tagline comes in the form of ‘CI can be HiFi’. What these guys are addressing here is the need for more of the custom install industry to try to take the audio quality of multi-room music more seriously.

But what's the problem? Surely if a customer is looking to spend thousands of pounds having many pairs of speakers installed throughout the home then they must be keen to get a ‘great’ sound. As we speak to many dealers about this, its quite clear that many end users are content just to ‘tick that box’, have multi room audio and as long as it comes on, they get to choose their favourite music stream and are able to change the volume, then everyone’s happy.

If an AV installer tries to sell ‘better sound’ it can easily lead to a a blunt reply along the lines of “I don’t need to hear every detail. I won’t be sitting down to listen in a critical way.” This could be because many people think of enjoying HiFi as exactly that kind of activity and wouldn’t relate HiFi performance as being of importance to everyday listening around the home.

Joe Public wants background multi room music, however when that music is of HiFi quality it is not always about critical listening at all...

Enjoying music in the bath

A great sounding home is a happier home. Good sound quality in any room matters and enhances any activity. It means more engagement with talk radio, podcasts, audio-books, with any type of music and it means hearing more at a lower volume, which is crucial for many properties to help avoid noise pollution. When it sounds good, you listen for longer, to whole albums, not just the hits.

  • Good sound in the kitchen makes cooking and vacuuming more fun!

  • Good sound in the dining room means smooth not brittle background music whilst with company

  • Good sound in the bedroom means hearing the TV at a lower volume

  • Good sound in the baby’s room helps them fall asleep calmly to audio-books

  • Good sound in garden helps keep the party going when its BBQ time

  • Good sound in the bathroom helps you relax or to follow morning radio more easily

By putting the idea into context, you can help customers to understand the benefits of an enhanced listening experience, in every room, for every activity and for all the family.

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