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A home cinema showing bright light rays coming from the projector at the back of the room
Home cinema with a JVC projector

Projectors set up can make or break a custom installation, and there are so many models to choose from. Even the most experienced integrators can get lost in the vast amount of options, so here's 5 crucial points we'd recommend you consider when next specifying a projector...

💡 Brightness

Laser projectors are more capable in rooms with ambient light. However, always check you have enough light output (measured in Lumens) for the screen size and lighting conditions.

📐 Lens ratio

Always calculate the throw distance! It can be an expensive mistake to install a projector and not be able to fill the screen correctly because the image is too small or large for the screen, and this is more common than you might think!

📺 Aspect ratio

Whilst the majority of video content will be 1.78:1 (16:9), some movies are shot in 2.35:1. This will affect both your projector and screen choice. To maximise your design, check with your client to see what content they will be enjoying most of the time so you can tailor to their needs.

📽️ Projector size

Some projector models are much bigger than you might think! Check to see if you have enough space to house the projector and good access for its cabling. Also consider ventilation as most units will get pretty hot, so you don't want fan noise to enter the room.

🎦 Lens shift

As you probably know, it's not always possible to have a projector in the perfect position. Luckily, most devices will allow some degree of lens shift, but make sure you check the limits before you plan to project off-centre!

As UK distributors of JVC & Digital Projection, we offer many different projector models and can assist our integrators with every type of project requirement.

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Home projector lens and light effect with logos
Promo image from JVC projection


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