Collection of loudspeakers and controller by Theory Audio Design
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Theory Audio Design are a California-based manufacturer producing high-powered integrated audio systems that receive rave reviews worldwide. Based around streamlined soundbars, on-wall and architectural loudspeakers and subwoofers, Theory achieves a level of performance far beyond the systems’ discreet compact footprint.

The World's Best Mediaroom Sound System?



Systems can be configured as 3.1, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 7.1, 7.2 and 5.2.2 Atmos formats with a single 1U Amplified Loudspeaker Controller. With two ALC-1809 Loudspeaker Controllers the number of immersive channels increases to system of a 7.4.4 configuration.

Unique Soundbars

Theory high output soundbars are available to match your 65", 75" and 85" TV. Capable of 112dB SPL at one meter from a single channel, the complete soundbar can generate in excess of 120dB sound pressure level. This unique capability means that Cinema Reference Levels can be enjoyed from your listening position from a just a soundbar!

Multi-use Surface Mount Speakers

The sb25 multi-use speaker exactly matches the performance and timbre of the ground-breaking soundbars. At only 4" deep and sharing the same contoured styling as the Soundbars, the sb25 provides dynamic, powerful sound to blend into any decor.

Architectural Speakers

The iw25 is a 2x5” in-wall version of the sb25 speaker. For ceilings, the 4” ic4 and 6.5” ic6 high-output coaxial in-ceiling loudspeakers are perfect for residential and commercial surround sound and distributed audio applications. Also, to be introduced in 2021, three 12” high-output in-wall, high efficiency subwoofer systems for 4” and 6” architectural walls.


Today's high-resolution immersive audio soundtracks are bigger and more dynamic than ever before. To reproduce the weight and scale of these new mixes, Theory offers two passive subwoofers with 12" and 15" woofer drivers respectively.

Powered and in-wall configurations will be available late 2021.

The Controller & Automator Software

At the heart of every Theory audio system, lies the ALC-1809, a 96kHz/24-bit DSP loudspeaker processing engine. In addition to high-resolution loudspeaker processing, the Theory Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers are packed with features such as matrix mixing, multichannel DSP EQ, automatic audio ducking and up to 9 channels and 1,800 watts of power in a stylish, 1U package.


Configuring your system couldn’t be easier or more intuitive, the Automator software guides you through setting up the system ready to be connected to an AVR/AVP and the Theory loudspeakers. Automator applies the perfect EQ curves, sets individual levels, distances and delays and even bass management. The result provides a performance exactly as intended by the Theory R&D team.