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Swimming pool fitted with Nakymatone invisible plaster-over speakers




Plaster or wallpaper-over speakers are becoming ever more popular. The freedom to enjoy music throughout the home without seeing anything that resembles a loudspeaker is now a regular demand from interior designers and end users.


All four models of the Nakymatone range meet that demand perfectly and are designed and manufactured in Canada. Build quality as you’d expect is exemplary and each Nakymatone comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty.


Nakymatones sound so natural and musical because the cabinet has been acoustically tuned for the application. Eric Nakkila and Godfried van Rooij painstakingly tried endless methods and experiments over 3 years to achieve the Nakymatone natural and musical sound. The internal Neodynium exciters have also been placed for optimum results. And unlike many other traditional speakers, the sound barely travels out of the back of the speaker. This means less noise breaks through to the room next door or above.

The last but most crucial ingredient in this musical masterpiece is the Controlled Resonance Technology (CRT). The cabinet and exciters drive a soundboard on the fascia of the speaker. This acts much like an instrument, generating sound waves. CRT helps to avoid resonances and eliminate colouration.


There are four models of plaster/wallpaper-over speakers in the range, all conveniently have the same dimensions:


GOED - means good. It's a very good entry-level plaster-over speaker that features a tuned back box made from a composite material and internally armed with dual exciters to drive the music


MOOI - means nice, this model sounds nicer than GOED, thanks to a tuned back-box made from folded riveted aluminium. Worth ‘selling up’ to, for the more demanding customer


ECHT - means real, for the best and most realistic sound. A super-tuned anodised, polished and welded back box unites with four heavy top-of-the-range exciters to produce beautiful music reproduction.


Lastly there's TWEE meaning two, a single speaker for stereo use in smaller spaces such as bathrooms


Nakymatone have created two subwoofers to complement their plaster-over speakers. With a subwoofer you can deliver a deeper, fuller, high-volume sound for partying!


Adding the BASE or LAAG subs to an installation means that the clear, open and highly musical tone of Nakymatone can now be underpinned with even more warmth, and tight, musical bass notes or low-frequency effects. This completes the audio 'picture' conveying all of the music or effects from an invisible speaker solution into your client's room.


The LAAG subwoofer fits in-wall or in-ceiling and ports the bass via a flexible tube which can be finished with the included 100mm sq. vent. LAAG delivers bass down to 40Hz so perfectly takes over where the loudspeakers tail off at 60-80Hz. It’s a passive design requiring amplification of 175-200 watts.

The BASE subwoofer is even more discreet; fit a BASE under the kitchen cabinets, under a kitchen island, under mediaroom cabinetry or into a wall. BASE ships with a pre-mount board which is vented, ready for use in-wall. An optional adaptor for BASE allows fitting into a kickboard.


All four speaker models have Backboxes, High Pass Filters and Overload Protection built in to the design, unlike some competitors; these are the only fully enclosed models like this on the market. They run at 8 Ohms and disperse your music at 180 x 180 degrees to fill the room. 


GOED plays down to 80Hz and accepts up to 40watts

MOOI plays down to 75Hz and accepts up to 80watts

ECHT plays down to 60Hz and accepts up to 80watts

TWEE plays down to 80Hz and accepts up to 2x 40watts

LAAG plays down to 40Hz and accepts up to 200watts

BASE plays down to 29Hz and accepts up to 300watts

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