Collection of loudspeakers by Pro Audio Technology


Welcome to the world of PRO Audio Technology.


PRO’s loudspeakers and matching amplifiers are unique.


They unite lively dynamics, high maximum output levels, plus a refined acoustic performance associated with ultra-high-end home audio.


When installed into a home cinema, media room or party zone, a PRO sound system will provide years of incomparable sonic thrills.

In 2004 PRO Audio Technology Chose A Different Path

Recognising that the demands of new audio formats would require new thinking if their potential was to be realised. Consumer audio products historically have been designed to bring music and speech to listeners at relatively modest sound pressure levels, over short distances. For music and TV, these have been satisfactory.

But the advent of consumer surround sound and the emergence of the home theatre market has changed the landscape. Contemporary movie soundtracks and concert videos, especially those encoded in the 3D immersive audio formats can contain extremely wide dynamic range, with deep bass and are designed to be played back at higher levels than ever before.

Finally, The Right Tools For The Job

Since then, PRO Audio Technology have developed format appropriate, future-proof, high dynamic range, high output, installer friendly loudspeakers with matching DSP amplifiers. All loudspeaker models have been engineered to professional standards using heavy-duty pro-grade components. High-sensitivity driver configurations mean that for every Watt of power delivered, you get more enormous efficiency. When matched with PRO’s PMA or ALC DSP amplifiers, the results speak for themselves; a system synergy that tells you that you’re experiencing incredible audio.


The PMA range of amplifiers feature a digital mainframe, upon which 200, 450, or 1000 Watt Class-D power modules are fitted. The PMA-9999 for example can deliver 4x1000 Watts, and only takes up 2U of rack space. Each module is built upon proven technology from Bang & Olufsen, with world-class A-D and D-A converters and a native dynamic range of 123dB! All PRO amplifiers employ DSP so that the installer can fine tune and tailor the performance of each speaker drive unit to maximum effect in any environment.


The new ALC line of amplifiers employ feature rich DSP with the unique ability to bass-manage a sound system from within the amplifier.

Thrilling Listeners

Being music and film lovers, PRO have ensured that the products are not only capable of reproducing the dynamic range of modern digital audio reliably, but that they do also with unmatched fidelity.


Paul Hales, MD of PRO Audio Technology has a background of high-end two-channel audio, where sonic quality is paramount. Paul spent two decades painstakingly honing his listening acuity; continuously refining an understanding of the correlation between lab measurements and perceived sound quality. He developed a multi-faceted performance scoring system, to ensure that every PRO product is ‘voiced’ to the highest possible degree of sonic accuracy. PRO’s facility has invested in the best acoustic and electronic lab equipment available.


The ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say. CAVD invite you to audition a certified PRO Audio Technology sound system. Listen for yourself. We believe you will agree that a PRO systems deliver the clearest, most highly resolved and dynamic sound available.