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The founders invented the custom installation speaker back in the ‘80’s. Jeremy Burkhardt propelled the company into the ‘00’s. Since 2014 Origin Acoustics has become one of the best-selling architectural speaker brands in the world. For 2024, CAVD is the now the base for 'OA' in the UK. And YOU are invited to the party.


Partnering with Origin adds clear-cut opportunities for your business. It’s easy, safe & profitable. You’ll be providing innovative, supersonic solutions for your clients, backed with full support from CAVD every step of the way.

Once you’ve cut your 222mm hole, everything from there on is easy, really easy! The bayonet ring is now in its 3rd guise, it fits by hand in just seconds. Then follow with the speaker, with a simple twist and click.


And now comes the amzing news, your customer can now choose from up to 25 different Origin Acoustics models to insert into the bayonet ring. Both 6” and 8” speakers will fit! And yes, it’s easy to upgrade later too, for example, from a D60 to a D85. They can even just have an air-tight space-saver, to replace with a speaker later.


A diameter, a depth, a pivot, to suit any application

Supplied with the Tool-Less mounting system

An enormous choice, it’s a killer audio toolkit, from entry-level speakers to audiophile-grade

Weather-X technology ready for the extremes, from -20°C to 177°C!

Amazing musical fidelity

IP-66 rated, impermeable, sealed components including the grille and bayonet ring

ThinFit versions available too


The show must go on right? The ThinFit collection comprises of 3 models, each with a depth of only 36-42mm.ThinFit is your get-out-of-jail card for any tricky installation. All TF models are EXplorer-rated too.

4” opening blends with designer lighting fixtures

Flush-mount with multiple trim-rings included

Full-range audio experience with the MOS36K system

mos 4.png

THTR and LCR loudspeaker models for an exceptional performance to price ratio

And the Marquee Collection delivers true cinema fidelity, a stunning immersive experience. Select on-wall or in-wall for your high-sensitivity, high-SPL system design

The 3rd best-selling subwoofer brand in the USA!

In-wall CSUB10REX for pre-build or retro-fit

DBA10EX for in-ceiling

SUBS10 for slim wall mounting, under-sofa and free-standing

6 free-standing models for in-room

Wireless transmission option


Genius expandable design to exactly match the TV width

11 models to suit TVs up to 85”

Single or three-channel versions

Silver, black and bronze aluminium sleeves

Round and square sleeve styles

360° sound coverage

Dedicated DSP speaker controller

70V/8Ω use options for scalability

Free design service

Origin Acoustics bollard speaker outdoors
LS44 Bushes.jpg

OSUB 8-12” burial subwoofers to pair with LS44/64 satellites

Optional mounting accessories

Highly accurate sound and extended durability

Dedicated DSP speaker controller

70V/8Ω use options for scalability

Free design service

Landscape subwoofer with satellite packs for easy deployment

Expansion packs available, stakes included

Ground, or tree-mount the satellites

Bury, or surface mount the subwoofers

4-8Ω amplifier loading

Free design service


Best-in-class surface-mount outdoor speakers

5, 6 and 8” variants including a dual-tweeter (stereo) model

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