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EQ Acoustics are on a mission to make the world sound better, one room at a time! They design and manufacture acoustic treatment products at their workshop in Hampshire and have been supplying solutions for over 20 years to recording studios, education and commercial spaces. Clients include the BBC, Ministry of Sound, Pioneer DJ, RAK Studios, Shazam, English Heritage and many more.


For 2023, EQ Acoustics, with CAVD, will provide solutions for integrators building home cinemas, games rooms, and seeking to acoustically improve all other residential spaces. As experts in sound control, their experience in solving noise issues and improving audio experiences will add value to the CI channel, where real-world calculated answers are needed. Every inch of the room is considered, and with a full understanding of the acoustic challenges faced by the designer and installer.


You won’t be supplied with itchy, dusty glass fibre products! The product range is made from recycled materials and is fire-resistant, non-irritant and non-allergenic and uses zero chemical binders. These are enormous benefits to any safe, healthy, and environmentally aware project. Get in touch if you have a particular question or concern relating to your project’s demands.

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The EQ Acoustics SPACES service is a bespoke acoustic design and supply solution that draws upon luxurious fabric finishes, slatted, printed or '3D' etched surfaces. All custom-made in the U.K. to integrate seamlessly with the room’s décor, lighting, keypads, and AV products.


Alternatively, a heard-but-not-seen solution can be customised for use behind a stretched fabric or other finish already specified for the project.


The SPACES service comes as a choice of either Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels, where each will increase in performance respectively. These can also correspond with the new levels suggested by CEDIA's Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice (RP22).


The best audio playback equipment may product the most amazing sound as it leaves the speakers, but it’s the surfaces of the room that could render that sound quite unenjoyable by the time it reaches your ears!


The industry trend is to apply lots of analogue or digital equalisation, to compensate for a poor room. However, if you’re very happy with the sound that’s leaving the speaker, then why manipulate and change that sound to try to fix something that’s happening after the sound leaves the speaker? Equalisation has a place, it’s a tool, but the aim is to use as little as possible to achieve a natural and enjoyable sound from the system.


If the space is important to your client, for enjoying sound, then professionally acoustically treating the room is a vital part of good design.


Music, movies, and games all produce full bandwidth audio which means there are bass, mid and treble frequencies. Bass, in residential sized rooms causes the most trouble and greatly effects the experience. Low frequencies have longer sound waves than high frequencies, the sound waves, rather than disappear after first listen, congregate in room corners and bounce between walls where they 'hang around' long after they were first played. This muddies the original low-end sound and masks other audio events happening in real time.


Effective trapping of these remaining stubborn lower frequencies is a key element of acoustic treatment and when done effectively, improves all the sound that you hear.


The typically reflective nature of surfaces around your speakers can interfere with the sound you hear. Effective treatment of these First Reflection Points, with sound absorbers will result in improvements to clarity, balance, and imaging. Combining sound diffusers with absorbers will further remove remaining echoes and reflections by diffusing/scattering them evenly in the room, leaving the sound open and 'live' rather than overly 'dry' which can be the case if only absorption is used.


Prior to acoustically treating a room, soundproofing or sound isolation would be the bedrock of a high-performance space.


Isolation reduces incoming noise and rumbles from adjacent rooms, neighbours, traffic, plant room noise etc. Lowering the Noise Floor in a room expands the dynamic range of what you can hear, from a pin drop to an orchestra crescendo. Isolation also reduces the sound leaving the space, therefore not disturbing other rooms, or family members who are studying or sleeping.

EQ Acoustics can provide isolation or soundproofing for your project to correspond with the new levels suggested by CEDIA's Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice (RP22).

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