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If you are a UK residential custom installer, partnering with CAVD means that you will benefit from an incredible product range, receive great technical support and healthy margins. Our showroom is at your disposal too, so bring your clients. We are confident you and they will love the experience. Please get in touch to make an appointment.


We work closely with our AV partners to introduce high performance, aesthetically pleasing products to UK dealers. Our brands are suited to projects that demand an immersive AV experience whilst satisfying even the most demanding interior design criteria.


CAVD provide a fast response to your sales enquiry, technical training and on-site product support to our installers. Reassuringly, our portfolio is trade supply only.


“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jamie and the CAVD team for several years now. I have always found their approach innovative, efficient, and technically superb. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and the flow of information is unsurpassed.” Livewire Home Integration

AV design and support on a building site
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If you are a manufacturer, the CAVD team will represent your brand with the recognition it deserves. You will enjoy exposure and sales across all corners of the prestigious UK residential AV market.


We provide complete dedication to your product range and ethos. Active face to face promotion by our sales team, whilst marketing take care of web, print and features on social media.


“We’ve been working in partnership with CAVD since Jamie started the company in 2014. They have a strong reputation in the UK market and represent our brand with professionalism and dedication.” Stewart Filmscreen

Custom AV Distribution are here to provide as much support as possible to you, the integrator. When specifying audio and video equipment for home cinema, multiroom projects and outdoor spaces, it’s not always obvious where to place equipment.


First and foremost, we will make recommendations for projector and screen placement, viewing angles and distances. We will specify where to put loudspeakers and locate the subwoofer, or even four subwoofers in a media room, all aided by our computer modelling software. CAVD will support you to improve the acoustics, which techniques and panels to use.


CEDIA produce recommendation practise documents for our industry, and CAVD are involved in writing them! We take these guidelines, mixed with years of real-world experience to help you realise the very best outcome for any project. There are so many decisions and considered compromises to make in AV design; we are here to help.

Dolby Atmos design drawing for home cinema
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When it comes to sales of interior design related products such as acoustic panels and cinema seating, customers expect to visualise the solution.


CAVD are proud to offer a complimentary 3D rendering service to support your sales of Pavone seating and Mikodam acoustic panels. Presenting these solutions, along with alternative colours and layouts gives you the edge over the competition.

As a supplier and installer of smarthomes running on the latest technology, it is important to keep yourself and the team up to date so that they know how to set-up, commission, and service all products.


We understand too that it can be expensive and time-consuming to have any team members out on a training course, that's why CAVD's sessions are kept to the point, informative, fun and highly rewarding. The majority of our courses are CEDIA accredited and presented by a CEDIA accredited presenter, so you’re in good hands.

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Sound skills training, measuring loudspeaker phase
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Handing over a home cinema project is a crucial step for you and your customer. Everything needs to look neat, operate faultlessly with the remote control, but most of all look and sound incredible. The sound and picture need to Wow the whole family but then again not be too bright or too brash. AV calibration needs to achieve a good balance all round so that the ‘suspension of disbelief’ works for everything from a sit-com to documentaries to Hollywood movies.


Custom AV Distribution provide calibration services using industry experts with years of experience in sound and video set-up. Friendly, impartial and efficient on site, CAVD will ensure that the handover to your client will go smoothly and that the client will be impressed with their new system for many years to come.

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