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Mikodam is an architectural product and furniture brand. It offers a unique solution with its exclusive line of wall and ceiling panels. With Mikodam you can transform your interiors in the blink of an eye and surround yourself with designs that are inspired and personalized.


Mikodam are a manufacturer of acoustic architectural products and furniture. They carry a half-century legacy of experience and know-how in the fields of high-end contract furnishing, having completed many prestigious residential, commercial and hospitality projects in various countries around the globe.


For residential use, they produce a stunning array of 3D acoustic wall panels for home cinema, media and dedicated listening rooms. There are 19 styles to choose from, to offer a sophisticated look to enhance any space.


This is what we call at CAVD, Multiroom Acoustics!


Mikodam may well be the first ‘acoustic’ product in the residential CI market that caters for the needs of the interior designer, and the smart home installer. Incredible modern styling fused with highly effective acoustic treatment properties.


Discuss your needs with us and we’ll provide a proposal and a render for your client to visualise just how good their space will look with Mikodam.


You can either fully treat a room with Mikodam, or blend panels alongside your favourite stretched fabric or another architectural feature. The flexibility of the panels, allowing for hundreds of combinations, lets you get creative and even provide acoustic treatment as an art piece.


All panels are built to rigorous manufacturing standards and shipped in substantial packaging as pairs or packs of four.


Mikodam panels come in either 600x1200mm or 600x600mm sizes. Consider this when specifying treatment of the surfaces around a home. Their depth, with the mounting rail, can vary from approx. 50mm to 120mm depending on the model. They mount very easily to a flat wall or ceiling and can be finished with the addition of end pieces that frame the panels. There are also inner and outer corner pieces, baseboards too for a truly professional finish.


The standard version of panels from Mikodam is classed as T1. This is an untreated (no perforations for absorption) panel that gives the cleanest look. However, many styles even as T1 will provide sound diffusion. This helps to create the illusion of a larger soundstage experience for the listener with a cleaner sound too.

Diffusion works well at the back of a room, at the sides and on the ceiling; in the firing-line of loudspeakers.


Choose the T3 (if you like a fabric finish) or T4 versions of the panels to reduce the RT60 of a room. Bring down the reverb to a level that improves the audio experienced instead of smearing it. T3 to T6 also provide diffusion too.


The T6 versions of panels will help with bass absorption, helping to reduce those nasty peaks and nulls that can play havoc with the sound, especially in a small room. Look to place T6 panels in corners.

See examples below for the 600x600mm version of the PIRA panel


Contact us now to come and see Mikodam adorning the walls of the CAVD showroom. We have fabric swatches, brochures, the knowledge and tools to help you create amazing multiroom acoustic spaces.