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Home cinemas with projection screens
Choosing projection screens for home cinema

It goes without saying that a cinema screen & projection surface is one of the most essential elements of any custom installation. Here's what we consider when specifying the perfect cinema screen for each project... 👇

📺 The ideal aspect ratio.

Are you watching more regular TV, shot in16:9 or dedicated movies which can be 2.40:1? Choose a screen that maximises what your customer will be watching the most and maximises the use of the front wall shape and seating layout.

🔉 Where will the speakers be?

Are you able to place your speakers behind the screen like in a real theatre? In this case, you’ll need an acoustically transparent screen material which we either be a woven fabric or a perforated vinyl. Look to leave as much space between the rear of the screen and the front of the speaker, for maximum fidelity! You can use a little EQ to help regain some of the sound loss from the speaker.

☀️ How bright is the room?

Is your projector bright enough and do you need a higher gain screen surface to help with ambient light conditions? Explain the scenario to us at CAVD and we'll advise on the best combination.

🍿 How close will you be to the screen?

Consider your seating position when choosing the screen size so it’s comfortable to watch. Bigger seems better at first, but long-term viewing with a comfortable experience matters.

🎞️ Fixed or masking?

For the ultimate experience, you can mask off some of the viewable area to frame various aspect ratio images. This means that black leading bars move across the screen to cover those pesky blacked-out areas of the content with a masking fabric. It looks great, just like a real cinema!

For additional support on specifying your ideal cinema screen, or to have us select one from our industry-leading partners - please get in touch


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