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Examples of mirror televisions

A mirror TV is one of the most luxurious of custom installation AV products 💎

They're never short of providing the wow factor and yet many people still have never seen one in action. This means many integrators don't know the pros and cons when specifying, so here's CAVD's guide to mirror TVs...

✅ A great mirror TV will: 

- Never show the outline of the viewable area when the TV is turned Off, or in Standby. In any light or at any angle, it will just look like a high-grade mirror

- Have options for various glass types to suit environments, that can also be cut to specific shapes to make space for handles, taps, keypads etc

- Utilise a professional-grade TV panel that can cope with the heat and lack of ventilation when mounted into a wall, ‘everyday’ TVs cannot do this

- Have the display panel very close to the mirror glass, reducing reflection issues

- Allow control over IP or RS232 for easy control from Crestron, Control4, Savant, Elan etc...

- Allow access to the cable connections via a hub, without you having to remove the mirror from the wall

❌ Poor mirror TVs therefore will:

- Use a mirror added to a conventional domestic TV, leaving you with reflections and even a logo behind! The TV set may move/drop out of place too over time

- Overheat and be hard to service

- Not have the brightness capabilities to work behind a mirror for long durations

- Not provide comprehensive control options

Mirror TVs are a real show stopper, but they can also easily become a liability & an unnecessary expense for your customer. This is why we only supply AGATH mirror TVs that fit exclusively into the 'great' category! 

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