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We all know that a poor audio processor = poor audio performance, right? 🔊

Audio processors are a key Custom Install audio component, so it's vital you get your specification right! Here's some mistakes to avoid and things to consider next time you're deciding which audio processor to go for... 

🔌 Inputs can't be retrofitted! 

You're not left with many options if you get your inputs/outputs wrong! So work out how many (and the type of) HDMI inputs you're going to need and how many outputs are required to feed to the amplifiers, before you decide on the right processor.

🔍 Check before your cheque.

Make sure you check the capabilities of the discrete channel rendering, so that you have an independent signal sent from each output.

🎛️ RCA or XLR?

Do you need unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR outputs? XLR does not necessarily sound better than RCA, but XLRs will allow long cable runs and reject noise.

🔊 Bass quality across the room

Feeds to subwoofers - If there are two LFE outputs, can they be configured differently in the settings? This will give you flexibility when calibrating.

🎶 Processors have their own character.

Try to discover what the core sound of the processor is like, before any EQ is used. Just like any audio component, all audio processors can sound different from each other.

🎚️ Got options?

Do you need presets? Are they available? If you want to recall a set-up for stereo vs multichannel use, you'll need them.

🔗 Brand synergy.

Can you partner the processor with an amplifier from the same brand? The power of brand synergy shouldn't be overlooked.

We chose AudioControl Pro as our processor supplier thanks to their excellent product range and outstanding control options, and we think you should too.


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