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We're always talking about our class-leading speaker brands & the technical aspects of our products, but what should you actually consider when specifying the loudspeakers for your next Custom Installation? 👇

👂 Trust your own ears! Choose speaker models that you really enjoy listening to yourself, that you've heard in various rooms with varied content & amplifiers.

Can you handle the power? Refer to the sensitivity specifications, especially for home cinema installations where you may need power and dynamics at best seats. Run calculations to determine what amplifier power you need and if the speaker can handle it!

📐 Cover all angles... If possible, refer to the dispersion specs for the speaker. These will help you choose good positioning angles to get even coverage across all seating.

🔗 Keep it consistent... Aim for having the same model of speaker all around the room: i.e. not a blend of 2-way and 3-way speakers. If they're the same, you'll achieve a convincing tone and timbre from every direction with more accurate rendering of objects and sounds.

📏 Enough depth? If you don’t have a lot of depth available behind the cinema screen to mount the speaker some distance from the rear surface, then generally, one with a waveguide/horn for the HF will cope better being close to the screen.

For additional tips on speaker selection or to have our expert term design your speaker system for you, please get in touch with CAVD today.


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