Custom install music streamers by Lode Audio

Lode Audio is a UK-based audio company that creates class-leading music streaming products for the Custom Install industry. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our goal is to become the leading High Resolution audio content delivery system for system installers and integrators. Based on a real love of music played in its native form, Lode Audio was created out of a need to re-introduce high-quality music reproduction to the CI market.

LODE products are regularly featured in residential projects through to commercial, hospitality and marine applications.

All products have been created specifically for the CI market to be installed in to busy AV racks. Crafted with an heat efficient aluminium casework, medical grade power supplies and without moving parts, LODE stays ready and operational 24/7.

Both LODE streamers connect to an expanding range of performance music streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Napster and SoundCloud. Streaming of Internet radio such as TuneIn and Hotel Radio FM is a breeze too. There’s also iTunes playlists integration and extended AirPlay per zone. LODE also has the ability to index exceptionally large Local music libraries; all of these provide the user with incredibly varied and vast musical choices.

The LA1 is a single zone compact stand-alone streamer, happy in an AV rack or used as a high-performance source in a HiFi system.

The LA4 is a 1u rack mountable 4-zone streamer with 4 sets of RCA outputs. In effect, four LA1’s in a ‘box’. The LA4 is the magic bullet for multi-room audio in custom install. Compared to other solutions on the market, the LA4 is more reliable, sounds better and saves space in the rack. Less cabling is required too compared to using multiple servers. Integrators can combine LA1 and LA4 models to provide up to 64 independent zones of great sounding music.

The LS1 Sonos Bridge, originally named the ‘Sire SS1’ is a ‘bridge’ between a Sonos multiroom music system and a control system such as Crestron or AMX. Traditionally Sonos wasn’t easy to control with these popular third party systems, and so LODE was born and provided this solution. The LS1 was a success story and has been installed into many properties around the world.

As LODE were at forefront of mastering control of Sonos via third party control systems, all of the homework has been done to bring perfect and full integration of the LA1 and LA4 into home automation control systems such as Crestron, Control4, AMX, RTI and Command Fusion. Naturally, direct control can also be enjoyed via a desktop and/or mobile device app as well.

A great sounding home is a happier home! Sound quality in custom install matters, just as it does in HiFi. Good sound quality doesn’t just mean hearing more detail in the music, it means more engagement with talk radio, podcasts, audiobooks, with any type of music and it means hearing more at a lower volume, which is crucial for many properties to help avoid noise pollution. When it sounds good, you listen for longer, to whole albums, not just the hits.

With native High Resolution playback and 32/192khz uniform upsampling from every source including streaming services, Lode Audio provides the ultimate audio performance.

“The Lode Audio platform is one of the few multi room audio systems that hails performance as its primary aim. It is extremely important that we work with like-minded companies and this integration in particular highlights the importance of high quality music streaming to the custom installation market.”

Tidal Pål Bråtelund

Strategic Partnership Manager

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