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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Industry-leading smart home installers Rayleigh Sound & Vision choose a Theory Audio Design 5.1 sound system to bring a media room back to life.

Nestled in the countryside of Essex, UK, this media room required an update from a previous AV system. Rayleigh Sound & Vision opted for a Theory Audio Design system based on the sb65 LCR soundbar, a pair of sb25 on-wall speakers and the mighty sub12 passive subwoofer. The matching Theory ALC-1809 speaker controller provides the DSP and powerful amplification to drive and master the performance of the speaker system. Lastly, an AVR has been installed as an audio processor.

Whether driven hard to lift the roof off on a Saturday night with the latest blockbuster movie, or played at low volumes for everyday TV viewing, the customer reports "I love this sound system, what an amazing upgrade from my previous package. It's exceeded my expectations and the whole family with be enjoying this for many years to come."

About Theory Audio Design

Theory Audio Design are a California-based manufacturer producing high-powered integrated audio systems that receive rave reviews worldwide. Based on streamlined soundbars, on-wall and architectural loudspeakers and subwoofers, Theory achieves a level of performance far beyond the systems’ discreet compact footprint.

The World's Best Mediaroom Sound System?



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