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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Prestigious London integrators Cornflake opt for DYNAUDIO's Studio Series speakers as part of their CEDIA Award-Winning project 'Clink Wharf'.

Photography @paullmcraig

Property design Rob Soar JSRE Partners

Situated on the edge of the Thames, Clink Wharf enjoys stunning views of London

Cornfalke's client wished for a comprehensive and user-friendly interface to manage his property, whether in residence or away, abroad. Witnessing a compelling demonstration of their showroom's functionality and intuitive design, the client felt instant confidence.

DYNAUDIO's custom install speakers were chosen to provide immersive, clear audio throughout this large media room. The modular LCR Studio Series speakers surround the TV, and have been fitted with custom-cut painted grilles from CAVD.

On either side of the TV there's an S4-LCRMT (mid-tweeter module) merged with an S4-LCR65W mid-bass module). Under the TV there's another LCRMT flanked on either side by two LCR65W's, this combination creates a very powerful Centre channel speaker.

Click the video to see just how flexible DYNAUDIO's Studio LCR speakers are

When the cinema screen is deployed, the DYNAUDIO speakers fire sound through the screen to complete the experience

We'd like to congratulate the team at Cornflake for completing such an amazing project and thank them for choosing our support services and products to make this a very special space indeed.


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