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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Award winning smart home integrators TwentyTwo Integration opt for Nakymatone Invisible Loudspeakers for this premium countryside abode.

No less than 38 speakers were installed in multiple rooms and spaces to bring the delights of multi-room audio to the home owners. Every zone of Nakymatone delivers clarity whether playing back rock, classical, pop music or talk-shows and podcasts. This vast home is literally alive with the sound of music!

The majority of the installation utilised Nakymatone's premium speaker model; ECHT which features four high performance audio exciters mounted behind the soundboard. When plastered-over into a ceiling or wall, the whole surrounding area becomes active and creates a beautifully musical sound. This is what Nakymatone call Controlled Resonance Technology CRT; it's just one of their features that differentiates them from the competition.

Even music in the pool! As plaster-over/invisible speakers are not exposed whatsoever to the humidity of a pool, they'll keep on performing year after year.

About Nakymatone

Before you ask, it's pronounced 'Nak-eema-tone'. It's a play on the Finnish word that means invisible!

They're actually made in, and ship from Toronto, Canada. One designer (and MD) is Finnish, the other is Dutch, and that's why Dutch model names were given to the range.

Plaster or wallpaper-over speakers are becoming ever more popular. The freedom to enjoy music throughout the home without seeing anything that resembles a loudspeaker is now a regular demand from interior designers and end users. All six models of the Nakymatone range meet that demand perfectly and are designed and manufactured in Canada. Build quality as you’d expect is exemplary and each Nakymatone comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty.


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