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The world’s finest completley invisible speakers

The Nakymatone mission was to create an invisible loudspeaker that surpasses the sonic quality of all speakers in the built-in category. Using state of the art technology, engineering and design, their team has developed the best sounding speaker that is completely invisible.

Nakymatone manufacture the only invisible speaker with an acoustically tuned enclosed structure. This allows for a superior sound quality as this process is done in the factory and not on site with another box. This also eliminates hotspots and sound bleeding into adjacent rooms through the back of the speaker.

This unique and patented design produces the most natural and outstanding musical performance. The process took several years of engineering and fine tuning to achieve the desired result.

Nakymatone invisible speakers utilise the entire surface of the panel and distributes all the frequencies 180 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Now you can enjoy excellent sound, regardless of your listening position in the room, from Nakymatone’s very critically tuned musical instrument.

We are proud to offer the Nakymatone line of loudspeakers, that boast excellent sound, ease of installation, and lifelong enjoyment. Where modern design is embraced by technology, Nakymatone offer a speaker for any part of the house.

Nakymatone website: http://www.nakymatone.com