Ineva Design cinema seating, two rows in grey


Ineva Design specialise in handcrafted, luxurious, bespoke home cinema and specialist seating. With more than 35 years of experience, the expert team consists of only the best craftsmen and women. Based in the Netherlands, Ineva Design have clients across the globe and are renowned for delivering exceptional customer service and offering an unlimited range of options that give you the freedom to create comfort in the ultimate home cinema, games or media room.


Ineva Design has a range of seating models for you to choose from, or to customise if you so wish. Their collection encapsulates a number of styles and individual design features to deliver choice.


All of the models have a number of standard features included when ordered:

  • Bespoke service

  • Motorised incliner

  • Articulating headrest

  • Full steel seating frame

  • Four grades of leather and two grades of fabric

  • Application of customer supplied fabric or leather

  • Silver or black cup holders

  • Memory function

  • Intelligent control system


Ineva Design has a huge range of high-end leathers and fabrics for you to choose from, or they would be delighted to work with a fabric of your choice.


Just some of designer fabrics we are pleased to recommend:

  • Rubelli Casa

  • Armani

  • Dominique Kiefer 

  • Donghia

  • Alcantara

  • Elitis

  • Elmo Leathers

  • Wildeman van Leeuwen

  • Winter Creation


Chairs can be tailored to complement your décor, follow the theme and style of your favourite movie or even include your initials or a favourite logo. 


Just some of these options include:

  • Contrast stitching

  • Custom colour blocking

  • Custom embroidery adding logos/branding/initials

  • Laser cut logos/branding/initials 

  • Perforated leather available in several patterns

  • Wood and veneer framing


There are so many options to consider when selecting your chairs, but their expert team will guide you through every step ensuring the process is both simple and enjoyable.


Further options for personalising your chairs include: 

  • Cooling cup-holders 

  • Illuminated cup-holders 

  • Seat heating for the seat and lower back 

  • Integrated back massage system

  • USB charging port 

  • Integrated launch iPort docking stations 

  • Flex table – a side table that easily slides in and out of the chair 

  • Flex lamp

  • Inlay trays with hidden compartments 

  • Intelligent control system


Add your seating to your home automation solution so you can adjust your chair from your phone or AV remote control! For example, this could easily enable you to close all your seating in one go at the touch of a button once the movie is over.


Ineva Design’s seating is tailored to you and the options are extensive ensuring we deliver your perfect chair. They would be delighted to discuss all the options whether that is a custom design or changes applied to existing Ineva Design models.


Options for you to choose:


  • Incliner seating /foot-rest, single motor incliner or duo motor incliner with the foot-rest and back separately adjustable 

  • Recliner or duo motor recliner with the foot-rest and back separately adjustable 

  • Articulating head-rest or motorised head-rest 

  • Electric lumbar support adjustable in both depth and height 

  • Remote controls 

  • Control system that can be connected to your home automated system 

  • Memory function with the push of a button the chair will adjust to a pre-set position 

  • Battery packs 


Ineva Design’s seating is handcrafted, which allows a wide range of technology to be considered including the option of adding D-box technology for amazing motion effects. The motion effects are specifically programmed for each visual content and perfectly synchronized with the on-screen action creating an unparalleled immersive cinematic experience. Talk to the team at Ineva Design about the benefits of D-box technology.


Specialist designers will take the time to understand your needs and discuss all the options with you. No detail is overlooked, attention is paid to every element from size and fabrics. Everything is designed with your enjoyment and comfort in mind.  Whether you are a designer or dealer you have the opportunity to work with them to create a masterpiece.


Custom designs can be devised the team or built to your designer’s specifications. Your designer simply provides Ineva Design with detailed drawings, and they will build your furniture according to those specifications. These unique creations will be exclusively made for you and your enjoyment.


Every chair or sofa can be built to the measurements of your choosing. You can specify the height, width and depth of your seating, ensuring a solution tailored to you. Ineva Design have built cinema seating in every size imaginable for very tall clients to miniature furniture for children and everything in between. Customising the size means whatever your height, the chair delivers a perfect fit.