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HTE – Home Theatre Environment

An Unforgettable Experience

2017 has brought an increasing number of cinema design services to the UK CI market, but HTE is different…

HTE design, manufacture and can carry out the installation for you.

We believe that the service is the most complete; it saves you precious project time, its often more profitable and always results in a space that your client’s will love.

A Total Package

Home Theatre Environment (HTE) are an Italian company based just outside Venice. Headed by master craftsman Maurizio Conti, HTE uniquely design, manufacture and install elegant customised and comfortable media room environments.

Private theatres, media and listening rooms by HTE enjoy the perfect balance of aesthetics and artisan fabrication and furnishings. Acoustic treatments are flawlessly engineered; this is perfect Acoustical Interior Design, a solution that many others struggle to deliver.

Maurizio has enjoyed 30 years of experience in high-end AV installations and was a founding member of CEDIA in Italy. The HTE team are called upon to regularly deliver solutions to the best integrators, architects and interior designers.

Fast Quotes

Integrators can make use of HTE’s free, fast Online Room Configurator. In less than 10 minutes an estimate with supporting text can be created to add to your proposal. This process would normally take days to gather and combine quotes for fabrics, treatment panels, acoustic and interior design. And even then, managing the process is incredibly time consuming.

HTE Products

A typical HTE system would include acoustic wall panels that form the main design of the room. Aesthetically all of the panels look the same, but behind the luxurious fabric, each panel is hand crafted employing a wide range of thicknesses, slots, holes and HTE’s Ecofiber®. The complete acoustic panel system is cleverly mounted on HTE’s Alustud® and Aluconnect® structure which in turn creates an air gap for excellent bass frequency control.

As well as beautiful wall panelling, door coverings, shelves and niches are incorporated in many designs and again, all materials used are key contributors to the audio performance. Lighting can be included (or HTE can work with your lighting team) which of course ‘makes the room’ and elevates the experience for any client.

There’s also the option to include bespoke seating from HTE, meaning that the feel and fabrics will compliment the rest of the room design perfectly.

It’s not just the four walls that are designed, manufactured and installed by HTE. Solutions can include tiers and steps, and a platform at the screen end of the room, all part of HTE’s SilentRise® and SilentStep® product range. Flooring can be included with Italian carpet or solid hardwood for example and ceilings options include further acoustic treatment with CeilingClouds®.

Sound Isolation

HTE have also mastered the art of sound isolation and add their SilentCeiling® and SilentWall® options to many projects. The experience in the room is significantly enhanced when stray noise and rumble from the rest of the property is under control.

Any integrator supplied keypads, light switches, HVAC, projectors and screens and speakers are all carefully considered into the design and build process to seamlessly blend with HTE’s products.

You will never forget the first time you watch a movie and relax in a Home Theatre Environment

Home Theatre Environment’s website: www.hte.design