Surrounded by a luxurious interior featuring traditional oak beams, cosy seating and smart lighting, our Family Room zone has been set up to demonstrate two audio systems.

As a 5.1 configuration, you can experience the power and precision of a Theory Audio Design system based around their sb75 soundbar.


To demonstrate our leading stereo multi-room audio packages, we have Dynaudio’s Studio and Performance series of loudspeakers installed fed by the luscious sounding LODE music streamers.


AudioControl Concert XR-8 AVR
Theory Audio Design sb25 multi-use speakers
Dynaudio S4-LCR65 modular speaker system
Theory Audio Design ALC-1809 loudspeaker controller
Lode Audio LA4-D four zone music streamer
AudioControl RS500 Subwoofer Amplifier
Theory Audio Design sb75 soundbar
AudioControl Director M-4800 Multi-room Amplifier
Dynaudio RCC in-wall subwoofer
Theory Audio Design sub15 subwoofer
Dynaudio S4-C80 ceiling speakers