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Hand crafted in England, Screen Excellence offers only the highest quality acoustically transparent projection screens for high-end cinema installations. With their expert knowledge of the audio-visual technology industry, they are proven innovators and leaders in the market.

Their proprietary screen fabrics (Enlightor 4K, Neo S and W) are the finest available and feature the ultimate neutral projection surface. This allows absolute whiteness with no distortion or muting of colours. The Enlightor fabrics are so advanced, they can accept video projection of ultra HD resolution and beyond with no moiré effect despite what projector is specified.

The Screen Excellence acoustically transparent projection surfaces are available in custom and standard sizes and offer many different features such as fixed frame or even frameless, both flat and curved options, and also retractable screens. For the ultimate home theatre, Screen Excellence also have masking options with full closure.

Your customers want to have the best cinema; the only choice in acoustically transparent screens is a Screen Excellence. They are easy to install and guarantee the best home cinema experience possible.

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