Home cinema projectors by JVC

JVC are a leading video projection brand that is synonymous with the very best home cinema installations worldwide. With numerous awards under their belt and an unbeatable range of great value projectors, no private theatre is complete without a JVC D-ILA projector.

The current UK install market demands the very latest in visual technology. The feature set across the JVC range is phenomenal and brings an end user experience that’s visually stunning and engaging for the whole family.


The 4K e-shift5 Range

The DLA-X9900/7900 and 5900 projectors let viewers see the detail even in the brightest highlights and darkest shadows with the new 4K e-shift5 technology that employs completely new algorithms to realise even higher definition and improved 4K picture quality. The range is designed to deliver dynamic HDR images with several manual controls including HDR Auto Picture mode, Picture Tone, and Bright/Dark level gamma adjustment, added with an all-new colour profile that is 20% brighter. All comply with the HDMI/HDCP 2.2 standard, and best of all, the projectors also feature user-friendly technologies to create images that match the viewing environment and enhance the viewing experience.

The 4K Native Model

The DLA-Z1, 4K native D-ILA Home Cinema Projector is the ultimate expression of cutting edge technology. Designed for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, who enjoy uncompromised imaging on large home cinema screens. The DLA-Z1 4K HDR laser projector, combines the newly developed, (World’s smallest) 4096 X 2160 DILA device and a new “Blu-Escent” Laser phosphor light source delivering exquisite native 4K high dynamic range (HDR) images at a brightness that fills every inch of a massive screen.


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