Custom installation speakers by Dynaudio

Dynaudio has been researching, designing, engineering and building legendary loudspeakers in Denmark since 1977. They bring incredible performance to homes, cars and professional recording studios all over the world. Dynaudio work with one single-minded purpose: to deliver recordings exactly as the artist intended them to be heard.

After speakers emerge from Dynaudio Labs, a state-of-the-art R&D center, they simply let them speak for themselves. That’s why Dynaudio speakers have been trusted by award-winning producers and musicians, premium automotive brands and discerning home listeners for the past 40 years.

Dynaudio speakers tell the truth. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Dynaudio Custom family has been designed to be as easy as possible to install, to be as simple as possible to understand, and to be flexible enough to tailor to even the most challenging listening environment. How? By making it totally adjustable…

The frames of the round in-ceiling speakers retrofit into many popular and existing cut-outs, while the patent-pending baffle latches mean super-quick, super-simple tool-free mounting.

The main driver is angled 18 ̊ and can rotate 360 ̊ in its frame, while the tweeter can be positioned – and adjusted – for precise directional control. There’s also a tweeter-level switch for even more fine-tuning.

The magnetically attached grilles can be painted to blend in with (or stand out from) the room’s décor, and can be used interchangeably with optional square versions to effortlessly integrate into any space.

S4-C65 in-ceiling

A 6.5in mid/bass driver, a 28mm soft-dome tweeter and 40 years of expertise behind it

S4-DVC65 in-ceiling

The dual tweeter can be used in mono or stereo, and even in dipole mode for surround applications

S4-C80 in-ceiling

An 8in mid/bass driver, plus a 28mm soft-dome tweeter, go deeper and louder where it counts

You want ease of use? You’ve got it. Dynaudio Custom Studio series rectangular in-wall speakers use some ingeniously simple technology to get you up and running with minimal fuss… and at maximum speed.

The frames are pre-installed during construction or renovation (the house can be finished around them). Then, when it’s time, your expert installer comes to mount and fine-tune the speakers – so it’s exactly right, first time. All without damaging the décor or having to pull anything apart.

Like the Studio series round in-ceiling speakers, the rectangular in-wall versions have a tweeter-level switch and include paintable magnetically attached grilles for an even more personalized set-up.

S4-W65 in-wall

A 6.5in mid/bass driver and 28mm tweeter make this the perfect option for small to medium rooms

S4-W80 in-wall

The 8in mid/bass driver and 28mm tweeter deliver more power and authority for larger spaces

The Dynaudio Custom Studio S4-LCR65 system lets you create personalized vertically or horizontally oriented left, center and right three-way speaker channels.
And it’s a breeze to install… even between stud bays.

Its intelligent modular design means incredible flexibility:
the S4-LCRMT mid/tweeter and S4-LCR65W woofer modules fit around standard 16in studs (so you don’t have to cut them away). You can position the tweeter either way up and at any height in the array (so the listener gets total focus). And the individual modules are easily connected using speaker wire, with their frames either connected together and installed in a single cut-out, or spaced apart in multiple cut-outs to create
a bespoke single channel (so the possibilities are immense).

Like the rest of the Dynaudio Custom range, all the modules mount into their frames without any tools required. The frames use a special integrated counter-spring mechanism that prevents unwanted sonic vibrations while keeping everything solidly connected in the installation.

Each module uses a passive crossover with a three-position switch, pre-configured to standard LCR channel configurations that use one or two connected woofer modules. There’s also
a bypass position to enable an unlimited number of fully active and completely customized S4-LCR65 system setups with external DSP processing and a dedicated amplifier channel for every driver.

Decide what sizes you want, then arrange, re-arrange and tweak as much as you like.

The S4-LCR65 system has five different optional paintable white grilles that attach magnetically (four standard-sized and one customizable), and it can also be installed behind acoustic fabric or acoustically transparent screens.

And, of course, it uses the same materials and technologies that have made our other loudspeakers so legendary: soft- dome tweeters, MSP cones and large aluminium voice-coils. Classic Dynaudio heritage in a brand-new configuration.

S4-LCRMT in-wall

Mix-and-match this midrange/tweeter module as part of a complete LCR installation

S4-LCR65W in-wall

Twin-woofer modules can be added at will in an LCR system – giving you ultimate flexibility

The compact 300W Sub 3 is designed to deliver size-defying weight, authority, punch and power for critical thunderous movie moments, but remain supple, precise and musical enough to bring something extra to stereo music in a finessed hi-fi system.

Dynaudio Contour-level components and construction, along with a 37mm double-thickness front baffle and brand-new 24cm driver, make it the ideal companion subwoofer for any stereo or multichannel system. It can connect to any AV receiver or stereo preamp, and users can fine-tune the satellite speakers’ crossover point (flat, 60Hz or 80Hz) using the built-in high-pass filter to ensure seamless integration with the rest of their equipment. Meanwhile, dual RCA inputs and outputs allow a signal to be passed through the Sub 3 itself.

The larger 500W Sub 6 is designed to work seamlessly with all Dynaudio speakers, and has a special trick up its sleeve – advanced intelligent DSP (digital signal processing) – to tailor its performance specifically to speakers from Contour upwards in the range.

The company’s engineers painstakingly modelled the acoustic characteristics of its most popular high- end hi-fi speakers and created custom performance maps for each one for the subwoofer – so now, two-way set-ups can instantly become three-way systems. This information is built into the Sub 6 so, using its display and menu system, users can choose the specific speakers they have in their setup. The Sub 6’s roll-off will then be matched perfectly between the two.

To further tailor its performance, Sub 6 can set a time-delay to ensure that it and its companion speakers are working perfectly in sync with one another. All a user has to do is enter the distance from the sub to the speakers and the sub will adjust itself automatically using both time and phase delays. There’s also a fully parametric EQ, including three filters to counter the effects of any room modes, to ensure the best possible performance.

Sub 6’s punch is delivered by two brand-new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, which combine Dynaudio’s own Magnesium Silicate Polymer material with optimised aluminium and paper construction for two kinds of resonance damping. They’re brand-new drivers designed specifically for subwoofer use. These new drivers sit at either end of the carefully constructed sealed enclosure design, which stands wider than it does deep to help it sit more discreetly against a wall.

Sub 3: 300W 10in MSP driver, flat to 22Hz, available in black or white satin

Sub 6: 500W dual 10in MSP+ drivers, DSP engine, flat to 16Hz, available black or white satin

No residential custom installation project is complete without a dedicated music room, an audio zone built around the escapism enjoyed by a traditional pair of loudspeakers. Dynaudio’s reputation for an accurate, full and exciting sound from any speaker is unmatched.

From Emit to Evidence, there’s a beautifully crafted solution available to bring the room and your client’s emotions alive.



Top unit: S4-LCRMT
Unit below: S4-LCR65W

Sub 6

Sub 3

Freestanding Speakers for CI Projects

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