Dolby Atmos processing by Cortex VIP

Cortex VIP Cinemas, in collaboration with Dolby Labs, was created to deliver the definitive Dolby Atmos audio home cinema experience.

Until now, the full and true audio decoding of Dolby Atmos as heard in commercial cinema has not been available to the residential audio market, not in any AV processor to date. The Cortex VIP solution delivers this experience and allows integrators to specify only the very best for the ultimate private theatre.

  • Naturally features the original Dolby Atmos chipset for uncompromised rendering of the source signal to the exact locations in the audio sphere
  • 64 discrete speaker output channels, the highest count in residential CI, all outputting at full range and totally uncompressed
  • Extensive bass management features not seen on any other processor on the market
  • All speakers play for any audio mode, up mixing all non-native content to Dolby Atmos and exploiting the full sound system
  • Ultra-high-end performance from all products due to reference level power management and cabling detail throughout the system
  • System planning and design support, plus final audio calibration and commissioning by a certified Dolby Atmos audio engineer

Cortex VIP Cinemas is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a custom-designed set of electronics engineered explicitly for each residential cinema project. The combination of devices guarantees a state of the art high-end audio solution built around core technology from Dolby Labs.

A standard Cortex VIP system includes:

  • Dolby CP850 Processor
  • Dolby DMA 16/24/32 Amplifier
  • Cortex VIP HAX-88 Video Matrix
  • Cortex VIP Fiber Extender Kit
  • Cortex VIP Freestanding or rack mounted Power Stations
  • Cortex VIP Router
  • Cortex VIP Network Switch
  • Cortex VIP Network Surge Protection
  • Cortex VIP Coax Surge Protection
  • Cortex VIP System Planning
  • Cortex VIP International Calibration

Optional products:

  • Dolby AES67 DAC
  • Dolby Show Vault
  • Cortex VIP Rack

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