Surround sound speaker systems by Audio Excellence

Headed by Patrice Congard, Audio Excellence shares the same home as Screen Excellence in Rendlesham, Suffolk, UK. Congard has not only designed a system consisting of a speaker range with matching amplifiers and DSP, but also aims to promote the ‘Congard Code’ which is a methodology for configuring a surround sound system. The Congard Code seeks to challenge, and improve upon, common misconceptions that our industry applies when designing and then calibrating a system.

The main difference in the way that the system is configured is centered around the routing of the bass signals. For example, in most home cinema configurations, bass frequencies that the satellite speakers cannot deliver are channeled through to the LFE subwoofer. Congard argues that this is bad practice and the LFE channel should be solely for LFE.

As a result, the Audio excellence system sounds powerful, controlled and ‘correct’, better still it avoids the ‘sweet spot’ problem so that more people can enjoy the sound across the seating area.

The products themselves include three new loudspeakers for on or in-wall installation, for small to large rooms. Two models of subwoofers to use for either LFE or the Bass Extension channel. There are three amplifiers and lastly, the standalone DSP units.

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