Luxurious Mirror TVs by AGATH

AGATH are a manufacturer of luxurious mirror TVs and are based in Lyon, France. Their models can be spotted around the globe in the very best premium hotels and private properties.

Leading architects, interior designers and integrators choose AGATH when there’s a requirement for A Piece Of Art; not just a mirror TV.

AGATH bring together the very best technology to produce a reliable, serviceable, high performance visually stunning product. Hand-picked commercial grade screens, ready for 24/7/365 use are bonded ultra polished glass panels. Precision cut back boxes are supplied for neat installations and separate electronic input/output modules allow flexibility and fast servicing.

Mirror TVs for a flush in-wall installation are known as the T2 range. T3 is on-wall with a Corian surround. MD2 or MD3 denotes that the separate Media Module is supplied. Lastly, two more small models are available for flush bathroom fitting and saunas.

With six mirror types to chose from, any AGATH piece can be seamlessly integrated into its surroundings. Unlike some other manufacturers, AGATH’s custom glass sizes can be produced up to 3 x 2 meters. Ideal for full wall installations in bedrooms, bathrooms, retail and hospitality.

AGATH produce TVs for standard HD at 1080P (or 2K) and also at 4K for Ultra High Definition viewing.

  • HD Ready screens are available in 14” to 18.5”
  • 2K screens are available in 21.5” to 65”
  • 4K screens are available in 55” to 98”

Standard models are normally available in 2 to 3 weeks, shipped from Lyon, France to the integrator. Custom glass models are normally available in 7 to 8 weeks.

AGATH Luxurious Mirror TVs from CAVD
AGATH Bathroom

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